Construction & Design

From the initial consultation to the completion and beyond is a competent contact person available. We plan and design your car according to your requirements and specifications. We create sustainable structures that are characterized by high quality, durability and reliability.


Somati Vehicles NV has the correct and current knowledge to take care of. The total package in preventive maintenance and repair of building and sanitary cell of your car

The preventive inspection and maintenance of the vehicle includes: Maintenance of the spring table; review electrical functionalities and lights, building and equipment, ie operation of seats, locks and hinges, etc., providing a service report indicating the preventive control. The final result is a high operational reliability and a clear repair and maintenance policy.


More than just a vehicle

Always at your Service

The maintenance team is ready for maintenance and repairs. An extensive warehouse with current pieces reduced the waiting time to a minimum. For urgent repairs, our service truck ready to be taken at once, 24/7.


In our training center to the end user technical and practical training to master. The technology of the vehicle

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For more information about our medical intervention vehicles, please contact Alexia.

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