Medical Intervention Vehicles


For emergency service, reliability, safety and ergonomics are very important.  Our ambulances of Typ A, B or C are built conform EN1789.

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Emergency Rescue vehicles

With us you have the opportunity to work with us to find a suitable for your vehicle and individual solution. Why compromise when you can opt for your own design?

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More than just an ambulance

Repair and Maintenance

The after sales team stands at your service for repairs and maintenance of your vehicles.  An extensive stock of common spare parts reduces the waiting time to a minimum. In case of emergency, our fully-equipped mobile workshop comes to the rescue to carry out on-site repairs, 24/7.

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Our engineers use the latest 3D software to design vehicles that carry the latest communication and networking equipment. They’ve followed specific trainings at our suppliers and sub-contractors to master every aspect of the engineering phase. When a technical problem occurs they’re ready to tackle it with the client.

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At our training center the end-users of the vehicle get technical and practical trainings to master the technology of the vehicle. Our trainings are given by our own engineers, as well as professionals with experience in the field such as firemen, policemen and paramedics.

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Know more about our ambulances?

Chiel Follet
Voor meer informatie over onze medische interventie voertuigen, contacteer Chiel Follet  

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