Mobile Water Supply Systems

We build mobile water supply systems for fire brigades to transport water over long distances. Foam injection systems make it possible to mix foam with water before it’s used.

Different systems have different performance:

  • HS60 : performance 1.500L/min @ 10bar
  • HS60 FLOOD : performance up to 20.000L/min
  • HS150 : performance 2.500L/min @ 12bar – 4.000L/min @ 8bar
  • wth Hi Flo impeller 8.000L/min @ 2,1bar
  • HS150 FLOOD : performance up to 50.000L/min
  • HS550 : performance 12.000L/min @12bar
  • HS1200 : performance 42.000L/min @ 10bar

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